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Here is a product review written by James Pelletier 11/11/16:

The PC:
       The 300 Knight is a beast of a PC. Even with intense gaming in full HD 1080p and ultra settings on AAA titles such as Battlefield 1, this PC didn't just dominate any games, it performed remarkably well for its price range. Running background applications, recording and editing software, and intensive games still showed no match to the power of the 16gbs of vengeance ram from Corsair. Any game I could throw at the 300 Knight played at ultra max settings with no issue, even when recording gameplay using a 3rd party software thanks to the 4gbs of GDDR5 vram on the R9 380 LE graphics card. The video card showed no mercy when it came to demanding titles and games, and the CPU could run any software including demanding editing and 3D rendering software with its fast clock speeds and 8 cores. I was pleasantly surprised by AMD's performance as I personally always look to AMD components as less superior compared to other companies. The 300 Knight is also compatible and ready for VR, and has a remarkably large upgrade path, so its safe for me to call this PC future proof, at least at this time. 

In conclusion the 300 Knight is a dream to have and nothing but smooth sailing to run and enjoy anything I put my mind to. Amazing pc for normal average gaming, to intensive demanding visually stunning gaming, and even recording and editing for a company or a YouTube channel.

The Keyboard:
     I have used many different styles, types, brands, and sizes of keyboards in the past. And looking past all the hotkeys and eye catching LED lights, this keyboard is by far my favorite. The sleek and craftsman like finish of this keyboard shows the quality that Corsair puts into their hardware and products. As a gamer I found there was minimal to no input lag, and nothing putting me at a disadvantage in any games. The beautiful blue LED backlit keys allowed me to use this keyboard even in the dark, and got me a lot of credit showing it off to friends. The removable hand rest was an amazing design as I found it coming in handy in games being able to attach it and remove it easily.

In conclusion the Corsair K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a must have for anyone working on computers as much as I do and is looking for a well made and quality keyboard.

The Monitor:
     The ViewSonic Monitor is a great quality monitor to have. The fast refresh rate allowed me to have the upper hand in any first person shooter games I played. This monitor had crystal clear quality HD video for the games and videos I played on it. The visuals that are capable of playing on this monitor are lifelike and I found myself becoming lost in the games I was playing by how in-depth and realistic the visuals were on this monitor.

In conclusion the monitor produced crisp clear HD video and its a monitor I highly recommend.

Price And The Company:
     By itself the 300 Knight is currently going for $1030 on the company website. To buy the parts separately you will be spending about $1000, but you will be left with just parts itself. You will have to assemble the parts, do your own wire management, and take the risk of breaking or accidentally building the PC wrong. If by chance you make it as far as to build the PC with no issues, you miss out on what the company offers as free extras for buying the PC from them, which includes
  • Free shipping to the continental US
  • 1 year warranty on all parts
  • Lifetime free labor on part replacements and upgrades
  • Free tech support with quick problem resolution
Overall the PC for sale is well worth the $1030 price tag, and even the original price of $1105. The company itself is someone you can trust to make sure you're satisfied. Its main goal is to supply you with quality PC's that perform well, and will last without having to replace or rebuy PC's in the near future. Satisfaction to both customers and interested potential customers are important to this company. And I feel this company has succeeded in its goal. I highly recommend buying from this company, and I will be looking forward to making future purchases and business with Performance Computers Of New England in the near future.
Thank you James Pelletier.
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Here is product review by Vivian Quillan February 12, 2006:
I've had one of these computers for a little over a month. It runs my games a thousand times better than any PC I've had in the past, and I've had no problems with it thus far. I love the monitor that's also from PCoNE, it's soooo much better than the included moniter from my old Dell. This is my first performance computer and i'm loving it. Would recommend!