Superior quality performance desktop computers accessories and support

  Why New England?

Our machines are designed, built, tested, and benchmarked by hand in our shop located here in New England.  That means you get your machine faster.  Who wants to wait days for a new computer?  Get it fast.  Get it here.  We are just down the road.

  You know that quality matters…

Quality performs.  Quality lasts.  Quality matters.  That’s why we use only the best quality parts available from trusted companies like Corsair, MSI, AMD, Radeon, and Nvidia.  Sure, anybody can build a machine with cheap parts.  Who wants that?  We start with quality because we believe hard core that Quality starts the Performance that Ends in Victory.

  Is there anything better than free?

No, right?  That is why we have free shipping to the Continental United States for all computer orders.  That’s right.  Free Shipping!  Overseas orders?  Hey, give us a call or email and let’s see what we can do for you.

  Confidence is key…

When it’s right, it’s right.  That’s why we back our machines with a one year warranty on parts and a lifetime labor warranty on all computer upgrades and part replacements. Our service and tech support team is the best!  Click the Thumbtack Icon below and take a look at our service reviews.

Upgrades are easy.  Quality parts last.  We help you replace just the parts needed to update the technology you want to deliver you the performance you need.  Simple.  Efficient.  Cost Effective.

  Framerate is life…

You know that there are times when every click counts.  You need a machine that is going to be there when things get hot and works right every time you hit the button.  Whether it’s gaming or productivity you know that quality designed durability matters.  Our focus on quality will deliver you the performance computer that you need at a price that is right.  Go quality.  Go performance. Go Victory.